leader effectiveness training

L.E.T. at Harborside Church

Thursday, October 20 – Friday, October 21, 2022

2200 Marshall Street || Safety Harbor, Florida 34695

9:00–5:00pm (Eastern Time)

Imagine this is your workplace: Managers who seek others’ input and really hear it. Leaders who enable others to solve their own problems. Leaders that build consensus through collaborative power, not just because of their job title. People who are excited to come to work and work hard to make your company successful?

Truly effective leadership programs? They’re not just about the skills. It’s about what DRIVES them. So what drives YOU?


All L.E.T. Workshops are led by specially-trained and authorized L.E.T. Facilitators. Throughout the intensive program, you will learn how and when to utilize the L.E.T. skills through presentations, coaching, video demonstrations, coaching, skill practice exercises, (did we mention coaching?) workbook exercises and small group discussions and activities.

After the L.E.T. Workshop, it is expected that you will have learned how to:

  1. Determine who “owns the problem” in a given situation.
  2. Identify the 12 Roadblocks to communication.
  3. Distinguish between Roadblocks and Active Listening.
  4. Avoid the Roadblocks that cause most helping attempts to fail.
  5. Recognize when team members need your help as a skilled listener.
  6. Use silence, acknowledgments and door-openers to help another person with a problem.
  7. Active Listen to hear another’s feelings.
  8. Active Listen to clarify information.
  9. Distinguish between Acceptable and Unacceptable Behavior.
  10. Determine what to do when another’s behavior is interfering with you meeting your needs.
  11. Develop a three-part Confrontive I-Message.
  12. Confront another’s unacceptable behavior with an I-Message.
  13. Shift gears between I-Messages and Active Listening when appropriate.
  14. Acknowledge others’ efforts with Appreciative I-Messages.
  15. Prevent problems and conflicts using Preventive I-Messages.
  16. Recognize conflict situations.
  17. Distinguish between Conflicts-of-Needs and Values Collisions.
  18. Avoid the use of Method I.
  19. Avoid the use of Method II.
  20. Set the stage for Method III Conflict Resolution.
  21. Use Method III to resolve a conflict you have with another person.
  22. Use Method III to mediate a conflict between others.
  23. Handle Values Collisions.
  24. Use the Principle of Participation when there’s an issue or problem involving team members.

Feedback for L.E.T. with Tom Goodlet

Great experience! Thank you Tom Goodlet.” — Luis Cetina

I really appreciate you sharing your God-given gift of teaching L.E.T. because it has improved me as a business owner and leader.” — Jon Marshall


 Registration FULL

 September 10 – October 5

The fee includes all your materials. Lunch will be provided.




Two days of amazing training that was inspiring and a game-changer for my sanity. I really appreciate Tom Goodlet, the master guru. Thank you for the wisdom and laughter!” — Tom Harmon



If you desire for you and your team to get better at leadership, this is one of the best organizational courses available. Tom Goodlet is an experienced and certified L.E.T. instructor. He helps organizations create a high-performance culture.

Large companies such as Amazon have been using this proven leadership course to shape organizational culture, set a standard for customer service, problem solve, and increase productivity and return on investment. And now it’s available to you, too.

Complete the two-day course to become a Leader Effectiveness Training Graduate. You get lifetime access to the Gordon Training community and L.E.T. looks great on your profile and resume. When we get better, everything gets better.