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What we do

We Publish. You Profit.

Whether you write or our team writes for you, Two Penny Publishing is a traditional agency with all the benefits of self-publishing.

designing your written dream

It’s your story. It’s your dream.

Two Penny Publishing is here to support your dream. We exist to enhance, edit and position your book for best possible exposure and sales.

We work with you to refine your book into the masterpiece that you envision. Our team will make suggestions based on our professional experience and education, but it will be your decision to take or leave our recommendation.

best selling author & book campaign

A lasting status.

The Two Penny Publishing team has constructed proven strategies and methods to develop your manuscript into a Bestselling Book.

Once you achieve that status, you will always hold the title of Bestselling Author.

Think of what doors could open for you with that accomplishment!

more than just a book

A legacy. 

No matter the genre—fiction, self-help, wellness, curriculum or memoir—your book will leave a permanent footprint on this world.

Your written legacy can impact this world for years to come. There is no story told that is exactly the same as your story.

Make an impact. Write a legacy.

Very organized process. Exciting and enjoyable experience. Everyone at Two Penny Publishing has been super supportive, extremely knowledgeable, and honest since day one.

Best-Selling Author




Americans Want to Write a Book


Actually Write a Book


Never Finish Their Book


Stop by Chapter Two


An article in the New York Times revealed that 81% of Americans want to write a book and get it out to the world, but less than 1% actually do. 97% of writers who start their book don’t finish it. Less than 10% of writers make it past chapter two.

These writers know a book will open doors for their future, but need help to get their book across the finish line. That is why you need a team, like Two Penny Publishing, by your side.

We’re not like self-publishing companies who happily take your money but will not care about your success. We don’t do large-group best-seller workshops and programs that are impersonal and expensive. We are not like traditional publishers—who control and own all of an author’s content while releasing royalties of $1 or less to the author; nor do we offer royalty-sharing contracts that often own an author’s content for up to two years. We don’t want to contribute to the common tension and dissatisfaction between authors and publishers.

At Two Penny Publishing, it is important that we love our authors, and our authors love us. We come alongside aspiring authors, guiding them from an interesting idea in their heads or hearts to a best-selling book in their hands.


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