What is the simplest and best way to start a mentor relationship?

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What is the problem or problems that motivated us to develop MentorU?

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Who does MentorU apply to and how does it apply to them?

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Who are we and why did we care enough to develop MentorU?

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Find More Power with Mentorship

We believe in the power of mentorship as it has been the vehicle through which we have significantly helped others. Some of the most meaningful moments of our lives were spent pouring into others what God has poured into us. Through mentorship we developed important and meaningful relationships that have lasted for years, including our partnership today.


Every Mentorship Requires Next Steps
Next steps are ways to continue on with the mentoring relationship you have built.  After you have completed MentorU with a mentoring partner, select a direction: Lead, Love, Live. Then, together, decide how you will advance your foundations to continue Mentorship in Christ. Here are a few book titles that you might consider.


Problem Solving
General Leadership

The Most Excellent Way to Lead
by Perry Noble 

Lead Like Jesus
by K. Blanchard

Courageous Leadership
by Bill Hybels

Jesus on Leadership
by C. Gene Wilkes

Spiritual Leadership
by J. Oswald Sanders

In The Name of Jesus
Reflections on Christian Leadership
by Henri J. M. Nouwen

Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership
by Ruth Haley Barton

(Spouse, Kids, Family)
Reaching Non-Christians

Mere Christianity
by C.S. Lewis

Crazy Love
by Francis Chan

5 Love Languages
by Gary Chapman

Love Dare
by Alex Kendrick

Love & Respect
by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

Wired for a Life of Worship
by Louis Giglio

Contagious Christian
by Hybels & Mittelberg


P ray
R ead the Bible
O ffering
C easing
E ngaging
S tudy Scripture
S erving

Teach Me to Pray
by Kay Arthur

Not a Fan
by Kyle Idleman

Purpose Driven Life
by Rick Warren

Chronilogical Bible 
in a Year

Starting Point
by Andy Stanley


MentorU is the perfect tool for getting a mentor relationship started and headed in the right direction. We designed MentorU as a universal first step that identifies an individual’s next step. MentorU will challenge and grow you, and deepen your relationship with God and God’s people over the course of six sessions.

We know mentoring is not a new concept. Jesus did it. He spent more of His time pouring into a few while He continued to interact with many.

Perhaps it is time for you to take your faith to the next level by using MentorU, allowing someone to pour into you or you pouring into someone else. There are no stringent qualifications or expertise required, just a willingness to go on a journey with someone else through the vehicle of MentorU. We know you will be blessed and enjoy the journey that is MentorU.

We are not meant to go through this life alone. We were designed to learn from one another, lean on one another and help others as we move through this life. Mentorship is a dynamic answer to our universal need to develop meaningful relationships while improving one’s self.

In our experience, most people who consider mentorship (as a mentor or mentee) are interested in the beginning of the conversation. Most people want to develop a personal relationship with another individual who can help guide and support him or her as they follow their life’s purpose. It sounds like a great idea, and it is when done right. However, this early excitement often fades away as perceived obstacles appear. One such obstacle is knowing where or with whom to start. Some questions that get asked can be fairly common.

Who should I mentor?
Who should mentor me?
What do we talk about?
How do we help each other?
Do we have a plan?

Mentorships fizzle quickly or never get off the ground because mentors and mentees don’t know what their next step is. MentorU is designed to be a universal first step that identifies an individual’s next step. As you and your mentorship partner are guided through these 6 sessions you will establish a trusted relationship, you will build consistent healthy habits for mentorship, you will discover a direction for your future and develop a plan for success.

MentorU applies to anyone who has something to learn and anyone who has something to teach. We designed this tool to be a universal first step that identifies an individuals next step, whether that be areas of spiritual growth, personal habits, relational improvements, leadership development, ministry training or just becoming a better version of yourself. MentorU will help you prioritize the areas of learning and develop the best plan moving forward.

Why do people need to try out MentorU?
What needs will it meet? 

When something stops growing, it then starts the process of dying. MentorU will challenge you to grow as a mentee and/or a mentor. 
Sharing your life with another person is one of the greatest callings of Christian faith. We are called to be disciples, and as disciples we are called to make disciples. MentorU is a practical tool to help you and a partner be an active part in the legacy of Jesus and calling of the Church. 

You will find comfort in the encouragement you receive through your mentorship, and satisfaction in fulfilling the purpose of discipleship. We know you through MentorU you will grow closer to each other and closer to God. So why wait? Let God do something great through you and in you through the vehicle of MentorU.

Tom Goodlet is a husband, a father and a forever student of Jesus Christ. He is married to his beautiful wife Erica and has two boys, Parker and Mason, and a little girl, Avri.  He is currently the Associate Minister at Harborside Christian Church is Safety Harbor, FL.  Prior to taking this position he was in full time youth ministry for 11 years.  Tom has a BS in Communications from Milligan College in East Tennessee and a Masters of Arts in Theological Studies from Liberty University. Tom grew up just outside of NYC in Hicksville (nothing hick about it), Long Island.  Tom loves humor, adventure and Jesus.

Matt Gardner is a Student Pastor in Northeast Tennessee where he and his wife currently live. Matt studied student and church ministry at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA and has since served the local church through his passion for Student Ministry.