bradley schenk

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Author of
Riptides and Tailwinds

Captain Bradley Schenk is a Christian first. Bradley is also a father of four daughters; Alexis, Savannah, Adison, Ava, and one son, Austin. He owns and operates Florida Boy Tree and Landscape Company since 1998. He is also co-owner of a yoga studio called  Bradley writes country/Christian songs and books to help God build His kingdom.

He grew up wrestling and playing football. He’s also an avid spearfisher and plays golf. Most of his time is spent being intentional about living according to God’s plan for his life.

Captain Bradley recently obtained his Masters Captain License and now offers yoga private island yours.  Bradley is currently newly engaged to Christina Muro. He believes he’s the first mate, because God is his captain!

My Journey Through Sobriety, Forgiveness, Health, and Faith

Welcome to my life. A failing marriage, terrible health, and a stay in the psych ward. After struggling with addiction for thirty years, something had to change. Addictions, like my love affair with alcohol, are a ruthless and deadly riptide. I spent many years being pulled out to sea, away from the life and love that I desired. Through my failures and struggles, I discovered the desperation and inspiration that put wind in my sails. This book is an open and honest testimony of addiction, hitting rock bottom, and getting back on your feet again. Riptides and Tailwinds is my story, my journey through the hardest season of my life. In this book you will find :- Amazing and compelling stories of failure and success- Tools that helped me walk through my journey to sobriety- Encouragement for you and anyone who is looking for growth. When desperation and inspiration meet, anything is possible. In the middle of it all, your life will begin to tell a better story. Discover new hope and faith through my incredible story. Where your story ends is up to you!



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