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ROCKET FUEL FOR YOUR KITE: A Story of Hearing Loss and Hope. A Guide to Ignite Weakness and Soar to Win.

Jodi Costa is an Oregonian, Portland style. However, at age 15, she moved to Florida with her parents, where she currently resides.

Jodi’s later-in-life hearing loss was unexpected, yet she considers it one of the most pivotal events of her life. She found determination and grit through her disability, which has led to purpose and opportunities.

Jodi assisted Tom Goodlet in starting Two Penny Publishing and became the company’s first appointed Chief Executive Officer. If not for her hearing loss, she may never have taken that brave step, which resulted in the most impactful, life-changing blessings.

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ROCKET FUEL FOR YOUR KITE: A Story of Hearing Loss and Hope. A Guide to Ignite Your Weakness and Soar to Win!

Letting life’s challenges interrupt your potential is understandable but dangerous.

Rocket Fuel for Your Kite is a story of later-in-life hearing loss that leads to an unmistakable life of completeness. Through stories told by author Jodi Costa, you can relate to how the isolation of your disability can set you on a direct course to depression and loss of self.

However, through the strength of God, humor, and grit, you can have a better relationship with your disability. Jodi will show you how allowing space to shed the negative mindset towards your inabilities can invite inner positive energy to soar with possibilities.

And though your condition may not improve, your life will. You’ll owe it all to the opportunities that your disability has gifted you.


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