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Kevin Stamper is the Founding Pastor of Restoration Church, which is a community connecting the kingdom of heaven to the people of Trinity, Florida ( He’s married to Marie and they have two children, Jane and Oliver. Kevin is also an award-winning speaker who helps others shape and share their messages with the world. To find out more about The Lab, visit

An Experiment in Following the Way of Jesus

We live in a world which seems polarized. We are forced onto one side or the other. unrighteous or self-righteous. We’re liberal or conservative. We’re irreligious or overly-religious. It seems there must be a way we can live that exists outside of these separated segments.Jesus of Nazareth lived a life which was both revolutionary and relevant to his culture. His followers began to model their lives around His life. They called this new lifestyle The Way. Living The Way is neither separating nor assimilating to the world. Rather, it’s a completely unique way of living, which still has the power to change the world.The Lab is an experiment to help you study The Way of Jesus, the character of God, the importance of the Bible. During these seven weeks, you’ll get your hands dirty, and open yourself up to a new perspective as you experience this new way to live.


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