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Leecy Barnett loves Jesus and His Word. A Wisconsin native, Barnett moved to the Sunshine State nearly 30 years ago. In between, she lived in North Carolina, Colorado, Indiana, California, Illinois and Virginia as well as spending two years in Guam, Micronesia and the Philippines.

She has a BA in history from Duke University, a MA in church history from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and a MA in Library Science from the University of South Florida. Her first career was in Christian ministry to college students from America and later primarily to students and scholars from China.

After moving to Florida, she began a second career as a librarian but she never stopped her involvement in ministry; teaching the Bible and writing for her church. Leecy loves reading, movies and games of all types especially trivia challenges. Although not an athlete herself, she is a fanatic supporter of the Duke Blue Devil’s basketball team.

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in the cycle of what this life has to offer? Do you find yourself retracing the steps of your faith journey over and over again? You felt confident about your trust in God, overcoming fear, and forgiveness, yet find yourself facing the same obstacles repeatedly. It is time for some change. You want to know how you can move forward, better than you were before. You are ready to grow, ready to learn.

Leecy Barnett has been taking two steps forward and one step back over a lifetime of walking with Jesus. She takes a humorous, touching, and real approach as she imparts the top ten life lessons she has learned to you. These lessons will help you move forward without taking so many steps back. Leecy will guide you to discover God and His absolute truth. And God’s truth has the power to break any cycle or obstacle you face.

Get ready, with the help of Leecy, to laugh, to learn, and to launch forward in your journey of faith!


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