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Heather lives in Palm Harbor, Florida with her husband Griffin and their three daughters Harper, Paisley and Skyler and their newest addition, their son, Elisha.

Heather’s main focus is raising her children to be confident world changers and serving alongside her husband at their church. She is also a free-lance writer, blogger and somehow in between homeschooling, raising her children, and working, she is focused on chasing her God-sized dreams. And in her free time, you will find her working out, reading, or baking too many sweets with the girls.

Late 2019, Heather and Griffin launched Real Marriage Podcast.

Being a mom is happy and hard all rolled up into one. It is up and down, messy and magical all at the same time. Yet there are moments, a mom can feel like she has completely lost herself. Between the laundry, the feedings, changing diapers and constantly being your child’s emotional support, oh and a little mix of post-partum in there, we can find ourselves forgetting who we are and Whose we are. Heather Gilstrap approaches this topic in a fresh way that inspires and empowers you to look at motherhood as a process that is just as much for you as it is for your children. God desires to use this selfless season of your life to show you who He has created you to be. This devotional will take you from weary to refreshed as Heather uses real life stories, BOTH funny and the frustrating, to let you know that God is growing you, shaping you, and revealing Himself to you every single day. Heather hopes this book encourages you to look for Him in the midst of the mundane and the messes. Because there is more to motherhood than we could ever believe.

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