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DNR – Do Not Resuscitate: When you face the impossible in life, but know you’ll win no matter the outcome

Dave Wall spent the majority of his adult working career as a linguist, consultant, and director with a mission agency near the equator in the South Pacific. Life wasn’t always easy for Dave and his family as they lived in remote conditions with little direct access to medical care and the conveniences of the modern world. But the life experience gained from learning several languages and immersion in bizarre tribal culture has equipped Dave to relate life experience in a front row seat kind of way. Dave and his wife Cindy currently reside by a lake in northern Minnesota and continue to enjoy their five children and 11 grandchildren. And of course, Dave still plays hockey. 

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Dave has used his skills in language and communication to take you deep inside the most challenging experience of his life in DNR – Do Not Resuscitate.

How does a person prepare for loss? How does a person maintain hope when at death’s door? How does a person have confidence in his faith when he wakes up to the worst possible situation? The incredible journey in this true story, as told by author Dave Wall, will take you to the brink of what every person will someday face: the death of a loved one. You will laugh and cry while finding answers to some of life’s toughest questions.

DNR – Do Not Resuscitate, is told in a deeply personal way. It will take you through the dramatic story of Dave’s wife’s double brain aneurysm that struck the morning of August 6, 2020. You will see an amazing puzzle come together one piece at a time. The story points directly to the fact Dave and his family were prepared by God Himself for this tragedy. You will see hope when no hope is visible. You will see confident faith overcoming daily hurdles that never seem to end. And you will learn how to live a win-win life no matter the circumstances.


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