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Author of
The Porpoise Driven Life

Melody Baran has worked as a marine mammal biologist in conservation and protected species biology for more than 28 years. She has spent more than 1500 days at sea conducting marine mammal surveys and other conservation-based research projects. She has more than a decade’s experience in hands-on marine animal care, marine mammal stranding response, and several decades’ experience with research surveys and wildlife photography.

Working with the tiniest and most endangered porpoise, the Vaquita, in the Sea of Cortez, to the blue whale, the largest creature that ever lived, and dozens of other species of dolphins and whales in between, she has experienced some truly amazing things and enjoys unique and powerful perspectives on nature that always draw her attention back to the Creator of it all.

She enjoys coaching others in making the impact they want to make for their lives and encouraging people to live their purpose. She loves being outdoors; usually on, in, around, or under the water, and enjoying time with family and friends.

A Fun and Uplifting Voyage Guiding You Through the Waves of Life While Diving into the Depths of Your Purpose

Every one of us lives a life of adventure, but many people do not know it. We are part of the most incredible story that has ever been written and we have an important impact to make for God, others, and ourselves. It’s time to “wake up” and create waves of love, hope, truth, and freedom for those in our lives, families, and communities.

In the context of her many adventures as a marine biologist, the author navigates many of life’s principles which help us take an honest look at ourselves and our role in God’s story.

We all have the ability to make powerful choices. We can say YES to God’s invitation to be a part of his redemptive work and find our purpose in His Purposes. When we are driven by our desire to fulfill our purpose we can learn how to:

– overcome the drag of stagnation or distraction
– seek Him boldly and learn to hear His voice, follow His lead, and delight in His company
– become the people that we’ve always wanted to be; be our best self, fulfilling our God-given destinies
– pray powerfully and make an impact for heaven on earth

Are you ready to take yourself on this fun and uplifting voyage?


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