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Author of
The 14-Day Reboot

My friends and family say I have two speeds: “go” and “sleep”. There is no in between. My wife has grown to love my fast-paced days and the fact that I fall asleep in less time than it takes her to turn off the lights (“47 seconds” she counted). I like to make the minutes in my life count. I start my days before the sun comes up. There is something special about preparing early in the morning with scripture, prayer, and a little sweat in my garage gym. I am part of the “5:00 a.m. club” as they say. Then and only then, am I fully ready to serve my God, my family, and my community. I live with a purpose and a passion for teaching people the true principles of health and healing.

The Lord has opened many doors for me to teach across the U.S. and internationally, as far as Vietnam. I brought truth and Biblical principles of health and healing to hundreds of people and many doctors in other nations. I have was blessed to be the Chiropractor for the 2014 World Wrestling Trials and the 2016 USA Wrestling Team the 2016 Rio Olympics.


Currently, I am the clinic director and owner of Ignite Chiropractic and Wellness in Palm Harbor, Florida. My team and I have grown our practice to be the busiest wellness clinic in Pinellas County. I have helped hundreds of families go from fighting disease to building health. Seeing the masses being restored physically, mentally and spiritually drives me to reach more people, teach more people, inspire and share the truth with more people.


The Jump-Start You Need to Lose Weight, Rebalance Hormones and Detox Your Body

Over the years I have struggled to find a healthy nutritional lifestyle that works for me. As a husband and father of four, I know how difficult it can be to stay on track and eat healthy. I have tried all kinds of fads and strict nutrition programs which, of course, only gave me short term results and were unrealistic to maintain. That is why I created a new way – “The 14 Day Reboot”. What I have learned from my own life and from working with thousands of patients is that it takes a simple, practical plan that you can achieve every day. The 14 Day Reboot does exactly that. The plan equips you to lose weight quickly, re-balance your hormones and detox your body. It also empowers you with the right tools and strategies to make a lifestyle shift instead of a temporary alteration. This fad-free lifestyle works! It has worked for me, my family and for hundreds of families. I look forward to hearing your success story after you press the reboot button and allow your body to function well and you live the way you were created to.

This book provides:

– The 14-Day Reboot Plan to empower you to lose weight – up to 14 pounds in 14 days
– Easier nutrition steps, not harder
– Simplify hormone rebalancing for optimal body function
– Safe and effective body detox protocol
– Strategies, Resources, Recipes, Exercise, Journals, Community Support and more


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