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My life’s career has been in the healthcare industry with Long Term Care.  I started in the industry in the early 90’s as an office manager in a Skilled Nursing Facility.  After 6 years, I transitioned into a consultant position. Eight years later, I stepped into a controller and director position for skilled nursing facilities where I will be finishing my career.

As anyone in the healthcare industry knows, it is a highly demanding industry regardless of the position you hold.  After 25 years, I found myself unhappy and dissatisfied with my life. I had what looked like the perfect life; happily married for 28 years, a 21-year-old daughter in college, a beautiful home, and a career with a great salary.  From the outside, I was living the dream, but on the inside, I was full of anxiety, depression, and a sense of failure.

At the end of 2018, I was exhausted and defeated.  I needed to take a hard look at my life and how I wanted to finish living it.  After a surgery in March 2019, a new job presented itself to me.  I thought this was the change I needed.  I quickly found out I was looking in the wrong direction.  I needed to start looking within myself or nothing was going to change.

At the end of 2019,  I made a decision that would forever change my life.  I was going to make myself the most important thing in my life. I was going to work on my happiness, peace, and joy.  I committed to scheduling time for me first with everything else second.  I worked on changing my negative mind-set to a positive one. I dealt with the loss of my mom from 20 years ago.  I scheduled time with my dad and daughter to reconnect deeper. I spent more quality time with my husband. I started school, writing my book, building my business.  I stopped spending time on unproductive things and began living my life with meaning and purpose. Anyone can make this choice, no matter where they are on life’s journey.  I am living my life in happiness, peace, and joy. I have found my fulfillment within and I am passionate about helping others find theirs.


Are you searching for something missing in your life, knowing it is right there within your reach, but you just can’t put your hands on it? Finding fulfillment within yourself is not only possible, it is genuinely attainable. Experience living your best life by learning how to make small changes in your self-talk and self-care.

Author Julie Rizzo uses her years of experience and proven steps to guide you into a place of personal fulfillment. You will discover how to activate life changing behaviors with thoughtful questions and workbook sections. Set goals and learn how tracking your progress brings them to fulfillment. ​This transformational journey will show you how to let go of what is holding you ​back while leading you to the happiness, peace, and joy you desire.


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