meet: deborah

Author of
Sally Swenson’s Wonderful Day at the Sea

Deborah Jean Buckreis was born in a small Pennsylvania town, but was raised in Topeka, Kansas.  She graduated from Kansas State University with a Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology, and is still a proud Wildcat at heart. “EMAW!”

Deborah moved to Las Vegas in 1998, where she currently works full time in an acute hospital as a Speech Language Pathologist. Prior to that, Deborah worked 12 years in the local school district with children who made her laugh and smile every day.  She fell in love with their innocence and curiosity.

Writing a book that can be enjoyed by children and their families has been a dream come true for Deborah. The book’s main character, “Sally Swenson”, was carefully selected to incorporate common phonological/articulation errors, which are often addressed by a Speech Language Pathologist who works with children. Deborah hopes you will enjoy reading this book as much as she enjoyed creating it.

When Deborah is not working, she can be found sitting poolside sipping a hot cup of coffee enjoying the fresh air and peace and quiet.  She loves the beach, anywhere at any time!  Deborah loves to travel, the challenge of a good jigsaw puzzle, and is constantly dancing and singing although she admits she isn’t very good at this singing part but EVERYONE is a superstar in their own house and car! Most importantly, Deborah MUST find something to laugh at everyday as life is too short not too.

Sally Swenson loves adventures. She is curious, creative, and outgoing. Join Sally as she explores the wonders of the sea. Sally meets a shark, finds a hidden treasure, builds a fantastic sandcastle, and collects beautiful seashells. The next time you and your family take a vacation to the sea, I hope you see its magic through Sally Swenson’s eyes.

This book was written to build vocabulary words of a single theme. It introduces rhyming and prediction. Most importantly, Sally Swenson’s adventure provides opportunities to practice and produce /s/ and /s-blend/ words, common challenges among many young children.



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