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Before Sandra (Sandy) Patnode wrote the book, she was Vice President for a Fortune 500 company guiding ten sales representatives in successful strategies to achieve their sales goals. She worked with companies on new business development for growth and increased future business and profitability for each.

Sandy participated in a Leadership Dynamics program that focused on identifying what matters most in executing desired changes for increased productivity, effectiveness, profitability, and quality of life.

She has been a Project Coordinator for over 11 years overseeing Federal and State-funded grants supporting the mental health and substance abuse of adult men and women. This has required her to work extensively with the court system as well.

For the past five years, her focus has been working with Veterans struggling with substance abuse, trauma, mental and physical abuse, PTSD, and anxiety. 

She relates well with many successes since she experienced trauma, abuse, and anxiety, starting at just five years old into her adult years. Through her struggles, she gained strength and awareness to break the patterns. Her coaching, speaking, and training inspires self-confidence and helps others overcome potential barriers. In turn, this empowers individuals to build a balanced life by changing their habits to achieve their goals.

Sandy is a graduate of Leadership Dynamics and is a Certified Executive Coach. Her niche is Recovery, Behavior, Life, and Career Coaching. 

Sandy is originally from Connecticut. For the past 20 years, she has lived in St. Petersburg, Florida. Sandy has two successful adult sons and seven beautiful grandchildren. She enjoys spending time with family, traveling, painting, dancing, hanging out with her friends, reading, and her newfound love for writing.

Pushing Through Raw Hurt to Remarkable Hope

Have you ever struggled with finances, illness, abusive relationships, or trauma? Have you come face to face with racial injustice, the coronavirus, and other trials of this era? You are not alone.

Author Sandra Patnode’s shares her life story struggles while leading her readers to a path of new strength, knowledge, and hope. She lightens the weight of the burdens of life with wisdom worth gaining. Applying her skills as a trained professional, Sandra knows how to motivate individuals to overcome potential barriers, execute desired changes, achieve planned goals, while building self-confidence. Sandra uses her years of experience helping individuals struggling with trauma and depression to empower her readers to take small steps forward on a path to healing and joy. Let her story become an inspiration for your story.


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