nathan caldwell

meet: nathan

Author of
Empowering Kindness

Nathan has spent years helping others share messages and stories they are passionate about.

As a keynote director for executives, video marketer, evangelist, and a background as an educator directing theatre, Nathan truly believes in the power of sharing your passion, finding your audience and inspiring them to be great.

Nathan grew up in Canada and now resides in the Tampa Bay area. He is blessed with a wonderful wife and three weirdo kids. He loves theme parks, the Smoky Mountains, Christmas, comic books, and combining as many of those elements as often as possible.

Why Unlocking Power in Others Will Be Your Greatest Success

In a world where competition is fierce, the desire to attract and retain top talent is an endless pursuit, more people are seeking to lower stress and build purpose in their careers, it is of utmost importance for organizations to understand the high value of investing in the well-being of their people.With stories and studies, Nathan explores the exponential power you can unlock in your people leading to optimal physical, mental and organizational health.Empowering Kindness shares why the greatest leaders take an active role in building a culture full of people who treat each other kind.


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