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Obedience vs Sacrifice

Dustan Christensen was born and raised as a hard-working farm boy from Wisconsin. After many sacrifices that left him empty, God opened his heart to restoration. His quest of not only aligning himself with our Creator but with other like-minded men has given him a passion and desire to help all men feel whole again. He strives to help men realign with God on what matters most and to build an army of warriors who can change their family’s legacies for generations to come. Dustan is a husband to Heather, a father to Makenna Elyse, and a servant to our Father in Heaven.

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So many of us men choose to sacrifice the best pieces of ourselves in hopes of finding fulfillment in our lives. Yet this leaves us spiritually depleted.

As I journeyed through life, God walked alongside me to show me at my lowest, that He just wanted me to realign with Him and His purpose for my life. There is a quest on which all men embark. There is a way to return to the Father’s heart and will for your life.

This book will be your guide through the experiences of my life and new opportunities for you. The road will not be easy, it will require you to ask different questions of yourself, and it will require you to challenge the world in ways you never have before. Become all God asks you to be, become obedient to the Author of your life, and allow the forces of Obedience and Sacrifice in tandem to help you build better choices that will impact generations to come.


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