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Mike has a B.S. in Communication from Arizona State University and an M.A. in Systematic Theology from Westminster Theological Seminary Philadelphia. He has worked in public relations, sales, and marketing for over three decades.

His first book was an exploration of apologetics for parents called, The Persuasive Christian Parent: Building an Enduring Faith in You and Your Children. He also wrote a love letter in the form of a short book to his wife and children called, Our Story: Mike & Sarah D’Virgilio’s Excellent Adventure (Courtship).

He has also written for various blogs over the years and is currently working his way through the Bible, posting his thoughts at mikedvirgilio.wordpress.com. He also blogs on apologetics and a variety of topics at mikedvirgilio.com.

Uninvented: Why the Bible Could Not be Made Up, and the Evidence that Proves It

You may be familiar with the phrase, “You just can’t make this stuff up!” but few of us apply it to the Bible. The default position of our secular culture is that the Bible is made up in whole or in part. Most Christians do not realize this thinking can be challenged by a simple question: Could it be? The answer from the secularist is, of course, it could! But as you’ll learn in Uninvented, the answer is not so simple. When we read the stories in the Bible, they don’t read like made-up stories or the myths and legends the critics claim. In Uninvented: Why the Bible Could Not be Made Up, and the Evidence that Proves It, Readers will learn:

  • Why it is easier to believe biblical stories are true than to believe they are made up, and that it takes more faith to believe the latter than the former.
  • How this helps Christians effectively challenge skeptics and critics of the Bible and put the burden of proof on them.
  • How to identify the arbitrary nature of most biblical critics’ arguments because they assume biblical stories could easily have been made up.
  • Why the anti-supernatural bias of the Bible’s critics is arbitrary and causes them to dismiss the textual evidence for the Bible’s veracity.
  • Why Christians can have every confidence the Bible is exactly what it claims to be, trustworthy eyewitness accounts of historical events. 

The critics and skeptics are mistaken, and Uninvented will show you why.


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