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Fisherman’s Apprentice

Dan Floen lives in Apollo Beach, Florida, with his wife, Julie. Their daughter, Laurel, is a senior at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Most weekends you’ll find Dan on his boat, wetting a line. In the evening, he’ll be relaxing in his favorite old sofa, fingerpicking his guitar. Dan’s calling is to share the many lessons, tools, and miracles God gave him in the hope that others will come to know God in a closer way, and maybe even avoid some of his mistakes.

Visit Dan’s website: danfloen.com

Fisherman’s Apprentice tells the inspiring true story of how God trains one stubborn fisherman to think and act more like a fisher of men. As the story unfolds, the ride gets bumpy and the fisherman’s prayer life kicks into high gear, but this is just the beginning. Financial ruin, a death sentence, and the breaking the fisherman’s will, are all yet to come.

The story is told with unflinching transparency that meets a man where he lives. The God-given lessons and tools in Fisherman’s Apprentice are sure to inspire and prepare you, so you’ll be ready when the storms of life come.

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