meet: david

Author of
The Hidden You


David Hodge is a regular guy; a father, husband, entrepreneur and new author. He wrote his first book at a pastry shop in just 15 days. David has spent his last 3 years working with guys behind the fences of the Florida State Prison System. As a native Floridian, David and his family still call Central Florida, home.

The struggle is real and the sight is limited. We have all thought before at sometime or another; There has to be more to life than this.

Actually the percentage is higher than you think. In this book I am going to walk you through the dilemma we face every single day and show you how to get past this mindset. That is only where it starts. You will finish this book with “Tools In Your Tool Belt” to accomplish what was originally started. I know this because I was once in your shoes. I walked a life of not knowing who I was or what I was doing. I had a Hidden Potential that I could not see.

Once my potential was unlocked, I was able to soar to new heights and accomplish areas of my life I had only dreamed about. Doors that seemed to be locked all of these years had started to be opened. Questions that had rolled around in my mind most of my life where now being answered.

This book is going to give you the ammunition you need in order to conquer some of your biggest fears. Don’t procrastinate any longer! Set a goal to read this book entirely and give yourself the room needed to finish. This Is Real and it starts now! The edge you will receive by reading this book will excel you above the majority of people and make you a minority of champions. If you follow the guides of this book you will unlock, The Hidden You


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