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Dr. Christie L. McMullen spent the last 20+ years as an educator but has spent her entire life as a learner.  Learning Can Stick grew out of decades of observations and trial and error in learning environments. Christie loves making people laugh while they learn and recognized early on that evoking emotion increases retention of information.  She transitioned from teaching high school to teaching adults early in her career and has worked with adult learners in many settings.  Whether training educators, business leaders, medical personnel, or her own children, she knows that learning sticks when it is safe, logical, fun, and memorable.  She might even convince you that adults need stickers too.

Throughout this book she shares stories and experiences related to every type of learning situation.  Whether training one on one, in small groups or working with hundreds of people at a time, she knows how to make the experience worthwhile.  Her goal is to transfer that knowledge to you, so that you will reinforce her motto that professional learning does not have to be painful.   

Learning can stick when you make it safe, logical, fun and memorable.

Have you ever tried to get someone to learn something? How did it go? Did the learning stick, or did you get crickets when you asked the learners what they understood? Whether teaching your child how to ride a bike or teaching 200 people how to use a new data entry system, this book will give you practical ways to make the learning environment conducive to all learners. Through humor, visuals, and logical next steps, you will know precisely how to design your learning experiences to pack the biggest punch.

Dr. Christie McMullen has been teaching her entire life, focusing on adult learners for over a decade. This book focuses on giving you practical tools that can transform any meeting, one-on-one conversation, or training into a real learning event. No one walks into a learning experience, thinking that the audience will not remember anything. Yet, we have all walked away from a learning experience, frustrated that we did not learn more. Learning Can Stick will illuminate new ways to get people to remember everything you said and how to apply it.

This book is for anyone: educator, trainer, professional, parent, or student. Learn how to:

  • MakeE your teaching environment safe for the learning to happen
  • Set up training in a logical way that makes sense to the brain
  • Have fun
  • Find ways to hold the learner accountable

These points will increase the learner’s chances of remembering what you’re teaching. Isn’t that what you want?


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