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Clearly, our culture is fighting an all out war for the souls of this generation. Voices from all angles are vying for our attention and opinions from all sides are overshadowing truth. More than ever, it is crucial that we intentionally pursue God’s truth and actively apply it in our lives.

Beloved is a workbook designed to give all ages an opportunity to dive deeply into God’s word, to decide for yourself what you believe. Each relevant topic offers you steps to study and freedom to wrestle with God’s truth. No outside influences, no one else’s opinions, just you and His word. Whether you are a student, young adult, new believer, or seasoned Christian, we pray that Beloved will help you recognize the lies of the world, give you the confidence to stand firm in His truth, and experience the blessings that come from obedience to Him.

You are His Beloved!


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Tom Goodlet

Amy Traurig

Dr. Anya Szigeti

Kaylee Stepkoski

Dr. Christie McMullen

Leecy Barnett

Sandra Patnode

Julie Rizzo

Paula O'Neil

Gary Zahn

Stephen Law

Dr. Brenna Hicks

Melody Baran

Nathan Caldwell

Melissa Sheridan

Dr. Raul Serrano

Kevin Stamper

Tim & Diana Journy

Aliesa Gilstrap

David Hodge


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