meet: cindy

Author of
Crying Without Tears

Cindy, an Indiana “Hoosier” attended Indiana University where she studied Psychology. She later changed her goals and studied Accounting at Indiana Business College, while working at a local nonprofit as the Assistant Bookkeeper.

While there, she excelled in the accounting field, including serving as a co-chair in researching software programs to integrate a new bookkeeping system to better meet the needs of the business. She also assisted with implementing the employer’s 401K program working with the Board of Directors.

She later focused on new endeavors in the manufacturing field with PepsiCo that included Purchasing, Logistic Maintenance, Manufacturing Maintenance and became instrumental in tracking equipment failures and the plants’ conveyor belting systems.

Being involved with the high school mentorship program, she assisted senior students as they explored the opportunities the manufacturing field had to offer. She studied Spanish and became a tutor with the library literacy program teaching Hispanics to speak and read English.

I am a survivor of child abuse. At an early age I had no choices in my future. But GOD chose me to be the protector of my brothers and sisters. I made a critical decision that affected my entire family. I chose to protect my youngest family members from a life I was already living. I went from being the most hated member in the family to becoming the most respected. Through it all, God held my hand and my heart. He leads my life. My faith in Him took me from the life I had to the life I have now. Through God I found healing, hope, joy, and strength. A true story of child abuse that took sacrifice and strength, that led to the glory of redemption! Learn how to recognize what children are saying with their eyes!


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