kaylee stepkoski

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Author of
The Ever Series

Kaylee Stepkoski was born in Macon, Georgia and now lives in Florida where she is currently working toward her four-year degree. Her passion for writing developed when she was seventeen years old, and she hasn’t stopped since. She seeks for an adventure whether if it’s outdoors or in the worlds she creates.
Kaylee Stepkoski’s love for writing was born when she had an encounter with the character Ever, which created her first bestselling book, EVER, and now the one sitting in your hands. As her Savior continues to give her visions of more adventures, Kaylee will create more books for her readers to enjoy.

EVER: THE RETURN  It’s been over a year, and Raya Fawn has nearly lost all hope. The memories of Ever remain vivid in her mind, but her hope of his return fades. Maybe it’s time to move on, or so she thought.

Upon arriving to work, the ground is struck with thunder and the morning fog is burnt away by a white light. When Raya comes to, everything changes. Ever returns, but it’s not how she envisioned it at all. He’s back, but he’s not alone. Ever’s superiors at the Dimensionary have discovered Raya; and because of her hybrid genetics, her level of strength is perplexing. Her life is now at risk, and Ever knows it. With his younger brother and closest friend by his side, Ever hopes to get her out; she is not in Gail, Texas anymore. Don’t blink as the unbelievable saga continues to unfold into an action-packed adventure you will want to last forever!

Fiercely independent, 19-year-old woman, Raya Fawn lives in Gail, Texas with her mother. One morning, she and her best friend, Andrew, visit a well-known space museum. When they arrive, they discover military personnel surveying the area. Inside the museum, Raya and Andrew sneak in to a temporary exhibit of a tall, peculiar-looking man named Ever. Puzzled by this discovery, Raya and Andrew ask the man questions which reveal there is more to him than meets the eye. Once these two normal teenagers meet Ever, an unpredictable, action-packed adventure begins. As the events unfold, Raya uses her strong and steadfast connection with Ever to unveil his secrets. Then Raya and Andrew discover an unfortunate problem involving Ever.

Get ready for the unbelievable saga that you will want to last forever!


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