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Amy Traurig is a mom of four, who had a few big ideas. With the help of an old high school friend in Nashville, she began co-creating Children’s musicals and curriculum. With a professional background as a national television associate producer, Amy brought her passion for producing and writing into the world of family and faith.

From freelance writing for publications like “Focus on the Family” magazine and “The Early To Rise Experience for Moms,” to working as a children’s curriculum editor, preschool pastor, and early childhood and family events coordinator, Amy has a passion to create fun experiences for the children and parents.

Set sail for a one-of-a-kind adventure with Captain Sea Saul and his crew with Pirates, Sea Saul’s Shipwreck Children’s Curriculum and Musical.

About the Musical
The musical, Sea Saul’s Shipwreck, is a relatable story with high energy, original music about a bullying pirate who learns to give up his pride-filled pirating way. The story of Pirate Captain Sea Saul will sound familiar to another bully’s story from Acts 8 &9. Join Captain Sea Saul, his pet parrot Judith, and pirate crew as they find themselves shipwrecked on an ancient island! Meet a goofy group of islanders who get bullied into taking the pirate on a treasure hunt. The hunt doesn’t last long after the Captain is blinded by a coconut falling on his head. It isn’t until the islanders take the Captain to one special and sparkly character who offers not only to heal the Captain that Captain Sea Saul finally gains new sight as he realizes that he doesn’t have to stay a bullying pirate. He can be freed to find a new life. With his new white flag raised in surrender, and a new compass to lead the way- Sea Saul is finally ready to head in the right direction, discover the greatest treasure of all, and leave his bullying ways behind.

About the Children’s Ministry Curriculum
Whether you are looking for lessons for a VBS, day camp, evening programming, or Sunday mornings – these lessons were created to be adaptable for any children’s or youth programming. Your 12 week (or 40 hour) curriculum is comprised of two sets of 6 pirate themed lessons. Each theme includes a unique memory verse, musical theory and theatre activity that teaches one of the 6 songs from the musical, and Bible story :

Pirate Me God has a plan for me. (Acts 8:1-3) Students learn about pitch and character acting. The memory verse is Jeremiah 29:11.

Sword My words have power. (Acts 9:1-2) Students learn about annunciation, performance, and staging. The memory verse is Proverbs 12:18.

Map God’s Word guides me. (Acts 9:3-9) Students learn about rhythm and cues. The memory verse is Joshua 1:9b.

Flags Jesus gives me new life. (Acts 9:10-18) Students learn about intervals and blocking. The memory verse is 1 Corinthians 15:57.

Treasure and Compass God is my greatest treasure. (Acts 9:19-22) Students learn about dynamics and stage direction. The memory verse is Proverbs 8:19.

Water God can use me. (Acts 9:28-31) Students learn about tempo and ensemble performance. The memory verse is 2 Corinthians 5:17.


Just in time for the fall and halloween…

We have created 4 weeks of fun Fall themed faith-based curriculum to assist you in modifying your ministry to meet the needs of your ministry right now. When life gets SPOOKY, God is still with us.

In these lessons children and families will:

Follow Moses through four SPOOKTACULAR Bible stories that touch on tough topics kids are asking about. From changes in the home to standing up to bullies, these Moses stories are sure to inspire children and their families to trust God even when life has got us spooked.

Weekly Lesson Themes
SCARY CHANGES God is with me when I am scared EXODUS 2:1-10
SCARY BULLIES God helps me stand up to bullies EXODUS 2:16-19
SCARY PREJUDICE God wants me to love different people NUMBERS 12:1-12
SCARY FAITH God give us the courage to face new things EXODUS 3

Included within your Spooktacular eBook
– Leader Meet Up Guides to be used by your leaders through a video chat platform with their classrooms
– Weekly Family Activities to keep families connected with what your ministry is teaching each week
– Weekly Scripts for your team to utilize when creating videos that tie in with each lesson.
– Spooktacular Drive Thru Resources and On Campus Celebration ideas to celebrate what God is teaching your families

Saved By The BELL

A fun interactive Bible based curriculum, formatted to help churches and families host Sunday school virtually and at home! Life is looking a little different during the COVID pandemic. These activities and lessons were created to benefit children’s ministries, families looking for fun and relevant bible studies for the home and homeschool learning during this unique and challenging season. The curriculum contains instructions to assist ministry groups in modifying their ministry to meet the needs their local church family right now. The discussions for this study touch on many tough topics that are relevant to children and families during the global crisis. This interactive adventure will engage your church with three resources to assist you in making an easy transition into primarily virtual programming:

1.  We have created classroom curriculum for your ministry volunteers in the form of “Meet Up Guides.”
2.  To grow the church at home we have “Parent Activity Guides” to keep families connected with what your ministry is teaching each week.
3.  We have also included weekly scripts for you and your team to utilize when creating videos that tie in with each lesson.
We believe God is growing his church on campus and at home during this time! We are excited to partner with your team to grow what God is doing!

Saved by the BELL is a four week Sunday School Series made up of four stories when God spoke in unexpected ways. These stories teach how God saves us and speaks to us today. He is always speaking and when He speaks we can listen, obey and believe.

Balaam’s Donkey Speaks Numbers 22
Elijah Hears a Whisper 1 Kings 19:1-12
Light Flashed AND Saul Heard Jesus Acts 9:1-18
Lazarus is Saved by Jesus John 11:25-42


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