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Tom Goodlet is a best-selling author, pastor, and publisher.

More importantly, Tom Goodlet is a husband, a father, and a forever student of Jesus Christ.

He is married to his beautiful wife Erica and has two sons, Parker and Mason, and a daughter, Avri. He was the Associate Minister at Harborside Christian Church in Safety Harbor, FL, for over ten years. Prior to his tenure

at Harborside, he was in full-time youth ministry for 11 years. Tom has a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Milligan College in East Tennessee and a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Liberty University. Tom grew up just outside of NYC in Hicksville (nothing hick about it), Long Island. Tom loves humor, adventure, and Jesus.

In 2019, Tom founded Two Penny Publishing ( This fast-growing publishing company helps authors get a book from their hearts or head into their hand.

Over the past few years Tom became a best-selling author of multiple books and earned his Life Coach certification. He became certified as a Leader Effectiveness Training instructor through Gordon Training International, where he equips organizations to build a positive work culture with increased productivity and profitability.

Tom is also the Co-Host of the Potentialist Podcast. Along with the help of Co-Host Dr. Raul Serrano, this podcast helps listeners understand there is still more in you, more for you and more to be done through you. This podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, TuneIn and other popular podcast websites and applications.

In 2022, Tom founded Two Penny Consulting ( This leadership and business development agency helps equip leaders to retain talent and improve profit.

For more access to Tom Goodlet’s books, workshops, podcast, consultation, or to book Tom for your organization’s next engagement please visit

Blind Potential is an entertaining and practical guide to help you become the hero hidden inside you. It can be difficult to see there is still more in you, more for you and more to be done through you. Blind Potential provides simple steps to uncover what is hidden inside you so you can take your relationship health, work success, quality of life, and overall life’s mission to the next level.

Join professional speaker, mentor, and pastor Tom Goodlet as he shares his own humorous and vulnerable stories to lead you through the process of discovering new potential within. Prepare to flourish as you grow, and stretch your understanding of who you are and who you are destined to be. Don’t remain stuck, assuming there is nothing more available for you. Open the pages and work through the steps. Get ready to fight through the noise and distractions to see new goals, new inspirations, new opportunities, new relationships and new success. Learn how to continue unveiling the potential you will find within yourself. Get your hands on this book and open it to start your journey toward new potential with the simple steps explained within. Get ready for the adventure. Get ready to discover something new within you.

MentorU is the perfect tool for getting a mentor relationship started and headed in the right direction. We designed MentorU as a universal first step that identifies an individual’s next step. MentorU will challenge and grow you, and deepen your relationship with God and God’s people over the course of six sessions. We know mentoring is not a new concept. Jesus did it. He spent more of His time pouring into a few while He continued to interact with many. Perhaps it is time for you to take your faith to the next level by using MentorU, allowing someone to pour into you or you pouring into someone else. There are no stringent qualifications or expertise required, just a willingness to go on a journey with someone else through the vehicle of MentorU. We know you will be blessed and enjoy the journey that is MentorU.

REFOCUS: A Manageable Bible Reading Plan is the perfect tool to focus and/or refocus your heart, mind and soul clearly on what matters most in this life. It is a tool for you to grow in your relationship with God and in your knowledge of Scripture. We know people desiring to grow differ in their availability, capability and needs. reFocus enables you to move at a pace that works best for you, with three levels of reading plans—Simple, Moderate and Intense. This allows you to grow each day by reading a few Bible verses, or a key Bible Chapter, or by reading a few Bible chapters, eventually completing the whole Bible within 250 days. Built-in breaks allow you to catch up on your reading when needed. There is plenty of space to journal your prayers and thoughts or track what you are learning as God speaks into your life make reFocus a great devotional tool. You can also use the 250 Thoughts of the Day to encourage and challenge your spirit each day. Enjoy the journey as you reFocus and see clearly what God does in you this year.

Avoid the common communication and relational problems in marriage by preparing yourself with the skills you need for a strong relationship. Mentor Us is a proven tool for couples to equip other couples for a healthy marriage through the vehicle of mentorship.

Through the Mentor Us marriage mentoring program, you will discover how you and your partner are wired in personality, beliefs, and expectations. You will also learn the secrets of communication, how to develop a healthy financial plan, how to keep your love life alive and thriving, and much more. Deepen your relationship with each other over the six sessions of Mentor Us.

This book was created by best-selling author and pastor, Tom Goodlet, and best-selling author and licensed counselor, Carol Burmood, along with the expertise of authors Matthew Gardner and Heather Gilstrap. Mentor Us contains additional contributions from pastors, certified relationship coaches, counselors, and experienced marriage mentors to provide the best available information and exercises guaranteed to grow your marriage.

There are no stringent qualifications to participate, just a willingness to go on a journey with a caring couple through the sessions of Mentor Us. We know you will be blessed and enjoy the journey that is Mentor Us.


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